What if the sound of the tongue drum helped you heal?

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What if the sound of the tongue drum helped you heal?

Do you know about sound healing? This ancient form of therapy is based on the use of sound to relieve physical or psychological ailments. This discipline has been practiced for hundreds or even thousands of years, especially in Asia. And the good news is that it can bring many benefits, even in our modern world! To put sound healing into practice, the tongue drum is just the thing. Here's why.

The benefits of sound healing

Like yoga, sound healing has beneficial effects on the body and mind. For example, sound healing can calm stress and anxiety, reduce pain, promote relaxation, improve sleep, and more. It may even help people recover from trauma or illness.

In addition, it is believed that this practice improves karma, eliminates negative energy and balances the entire body. Whether you are receptive to this spiritual aspect or not, sound healing has much to offer you, if only to relax you.

How does it work?

In concrete terms, sound healing works by training, by conditioning. This means that when listening to certain sounds or music, the brain becomes calm and relaxed. The brain waves then become sensitive to the sounds and naturally slow down. This is what happens during meditation.

Once sound therapy has helped the body and mind relax, the brain releases hormones. These hormones will improve mood, stimulate the blood vessels and lymphatic system, and thus help healing. The mind will feel calmer and more serene, which will also have a positive impact on health. In addition, the person will feel a spiritual harmony and will feel more in tune.

But for sound healing to be effective... you need the right sounds. That's where the tongue drum comes in!

The tongue drum for your sound healing sessions

The tongue drum is a new instrument whose soft and soothing sounds leave no one indifferent. Its easy and intuitive handling allows everyone to take pleasure from the first notes played - even without any musical knowledge. The sticks supplied with the instrument allow children and adults alike to play beautiful and captivating melodies from the very first time they play it: the feeling of well-being is immediate!

The multi-scale system of the Beat Root tongue drum allows you to easily change its sounds. In the minor scale, you can enjoy soothing tones that channel and help meditation while the major scale will bring you more lively and warm tones that will give you energy. There is something for everyone thanks to the 6 scales included in the instrument: A scale for each emotion you wish to express.

Feel free to try for yourself and find the notes that relax you best. We are all different and we all vibrate at our own frequencies. Depending on your mood, you may feel like playing on the Zen scale while on another day you may be in the mood to play on the Happy scale. Learn to listen to yourself and let go by playing your tongue drum. In just a few minutes you'll find yourself more relaxed and more absorbed in the melodies you'll easily create. Music therapy is waiting for you!

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