Multiscale Beat Root

Multiscale Beat Root
  • Multi Scale Tongue Drum - 6 scales in 1 tongue drum - Beat Root
  • Multi Scale Tongue Drum - 6 scales in 1 tongue drum - Beat Root
  • Multi Scale Tongue Drum - 6 scales in 1 tongue drum - Beat Root
  • Multi Scale Tongue Drum - 6 scales in 1 tongue drum - Beat Root
  • Multi Scale Tongue Drum - 6 scales in 1 tongue drum - Beat Root
  • Multi Scale Tongue Drum - 6 scales in 1 tongue drum - Beat Root

The Beat Root tongue drum is the world's first electro-acoustic and tunable tongue drum. It brings together 6 different scales within the same tongue drum. Thanks to its ingenious tuning system, it is possible to switch from one scale to another in just a few seconds !

All scales have been carefully selected so that you always have a suitable scale for every moment.

In addition to being able to be played acoustically, our Multi Scale tongue drum is also equipped with a piezo microphone and his 6.3mm jack plug to be able to connect it to an amplifier, an effect pedal, looper, sound card and other accessories. The possibilities are multiplied through the effects that you can add easily.

Our tunable and electro-acoustic tongue drum is ideal for those who wish to benefit from a wide variety of sounds and tunings (Major, minor, pentatonic scales, etc.) in order to express themselves in very different musical contexts, alone or in a group or to compose quality recordings.





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The Beat Root tongue drum is a melodic percussion instrument that makes musical self-expression easy. Its soft, beautiful sounds make it a popular instrument for music therapy. Just hearing a few notes is enough to start relaxing you. Playing it is easy and fun, so right away, you can create enchanting melodies. And don't worry, there are no wrong notes. Just let go of your worries and use the mallets to hit the “tongues” to make music just like that.

The principle of the tongue drum is that each tongue vibrates at a particular frequency to produces a particular note, which then gets amplified by the resonance chamber. The result is a rich, bewitching sound that anyone can easily recognize and is also lauded for its therapeutic properties.

The Beat Root tongue drum is the first of its kind to let you to choose from six different scales. To change scales, simply place magnets inside the tongue drum on the colors corresponding to the scale you want to play. Just follow the simple diagram.

The six different scales have been carefully chosen to produce different vibes and melodies to suit your mood. The Zen scale, for example, is conducive to meditative atmospheres, while the Happy scale produces warm and playful sounds. Switching scales is very fast and takes just a few seconds. Everything has been designed so that you can create beautiful melodies even if you have never played a musical instrument before.

This instrument is recommended for anyone interested in music, especially if you have not taken the time to learn an instrument. It’s perfect to encourage the musical awakening of all ages, from children to seniors. Playing a musical instrument has never been easier, and your efforts will be rewarded with the immediate gratification of creating beautiful melodies.

People who want to further explore the potential of the Beat Root tongue drum can take advantage of the microphone and 6.3mm jack. The former allows for easy recording, while the latter lets you connect it to an amplifier, sound card or other accessories. Discover all the possibilities.

Detailed notes for each scale:

Happy: G. C. D. E. G. A. B. D. (Major scale)
Zen: G. C. D. Eb. G. A. Bb. D. (Minor scale)
Tribal: G. B. D. E. G. A. B. D. (Pentatonic scale)
Melancholia: G. C. D. Eb. G. A. Bb. C.
Space: G. B. D. Eb. G. A. B. D.
Nature: G. C. D. E. G. A. Bb. C

You can use your hands or mallets (included) to play the instrument.

The Multiscale Beat Root is the best tongue drum for beginners.


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