What are the differences between Tongue drum, Tank Drum, Hank Drum and Steel tongue drum?

There is no difference between these 4 names, they are simply different terms to define a modern percussion instrument of the idiophone family. Most of the time, these instruments are made from a gas cylinder with several cut-out slats that will produce a different note depending on the size, the addition of weight and a final adjustment. These instruments are relatively new in the musical landscape since they date from the beginning of the 21st century.

How do you play Beat Root tongue drum?

Beat Root steel tongue drum can be played with the hands or mallets which are supplied with your instrument.
To begin playing the tongue drum, mallets are recommended if you have never played a percussion instrument. Children and adults alike can play and have fun from the first time they pick it up, producing a clear, deep sound.
To play with your hands, you just have to hit the shell of the instrument with your fingertips in a very short way so that the plate vibrates and lets the note escape. Do not hesitate to follow our video tutorials to improve your skills.

In what context can I use Beat Root tongue drum?

More than a musical instrument, our tongue drums are the perfect companions to bring well-being to everyday life. They are real tools for the musical awakening for adults and children. Their enchanting sounds are also very appreciated during meditation and relaxation sessions, but also during music therapy sessions or during pregnancy for the mother and her child.

Can I plug headphones into the jack of your tongue drum?

You can't plug headphones into the jack output, if you want to hear the sounds of your tongue drum with headphones, just connect it to an amp or a mixer.

Do I need to plug my tongue drum into an amp to play my instrument?

No, the amp is essential if you want to connect headphones. To listen to the sounds produced by the instrument, you don't need any equipment. The sounds that come out of this instrument come from the material itself and can be listened to anywhere, indoors or outdoors, and do not require any batteries or electricity.

Do you offer a tongue drum model in the 432 Hz frequency?

Yes, we offer our Multiscale model in 432Hz, this frequency is used by music therapists and practitioners of well-being for its therapeutic virtues. This frequency would have the power to act on the well-being of the body and mind. It is different from other instruments which are generally tuned in 440Hz. You can find this model here : 432Hz Multiscale Beat Root

What are the dimensions and weight of your tongue drums?

Our tongue drums measure 12 inches in diameter and 6 inches in height. They weigh about 11 lbs and are easily transportable in their carrying case provided at the time of purchase. They are therefore ergonomic and pleasant to handle.

Is there a risk that my tongue drum will go out of tune?

The quality and thickness of the alloy used in the manufacture of our tongue drums, combined with the heat treatment carried out after the instrument is tuned, guarantee great stability in the tuning of the instrument. There is no need to re-tune the instrument as it will never go out of tune!

I have no knowledge of music, is it easy to play the tongue drum?

Beat Root tongue drum is a very intuitive musical instrument, so you can easily play it even as a novice. Young and old alike can enjoy the pleasure of playing an instrument while combining music and relaxation. This instrument has been designed so that all the sounds that emanate are melodious. In addition, the free video tutorials available on our site will help you to get to grips with the instrument and improve your playing.

What does electro-acoustic mean?

This term indicates that the tongue drum has a microphone and a jack plug for connecting the instrument to an amp or accessories to expand the playing possibilities. We are the first manufacturer of the electro-acoustic model in the world.

What does Multiscale mean?

Multiscale means that the tongue drum can change scale depending on the desired mood. This is an innovation that we have developed so that players can change sounds in a few seconds thanks to a revolutionary system of magnets placed under the instrument. There are 6 different scales: the Happy scale for joyful moments, Zen for relaxation, Tribal for an exotic and energizing atmosphere, Melancholia for a nostalgic phase, Space for a lunar atmosphere, Nature for a big breath of fresh air. All the sounds of the tongue drum call for relaxation and letting go.

Can we add new scales than those proposed with the Multiscale Beat Root?

Yes, you can add scales to your tongue drum. The magnets supplied with your purchase allow you to create scales. In fact, each magnet lowers the notes of your instrument by half a tone. You just have to place the small magnets under the slats to enlarge the possibilities of sounds and to exploit your tongue drum to the maximum. However, we recommend that you do not place more than 2 magnets under one note in order not to alter the instrument.

When will I receive my order?

If you live in France, the delivery is made in 2 working days. For Europe, the delivery is 4 working days. Outside Europe, the delivery time is 4 to 7 working days.

What is the return policy?

If you are not satisfied with your Beat Root tongue drum, you have 14 days to return it and we will give you a full refund.